Pathways for People

close up of person walking on a trail

Norfolk Pathways for People is a community coalition that advocates for the development and improvement of connected pathways in Norfolk County. We also promote the regular use of trails, sidewalks, and roadways for health, recreation, and active transportation. The coalition is supported by the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit and consists of members from trail organizations, the general public, and the Community Development Division.

Our Objectives

  • Advocating for new and improved trails and pathways in Norfolk County.
  • Building a healthier, accessible and connected community.
  • Promoting the safe use of local trails and pathways.

Norfolk Pathways for People grew from local interest in a public health initiative to work towards building walkable communities. Walkable communities are an important aspect of a healthy and vibrant community. To encourage citizens to rely on their cars less and choose to walk more often, the environment where they live, work, learn, and play must support walking as a safe form of everyday transportation.

Since forming in 2008, we have been busy!

  • hosting and promoting public events to encourage the use of local trails
  • promoting the Share the Road initiative to Norfolk County and expanding
  • our efforts include advocating for safe cycling infrastructure
  • offering our support to both county and provincial initiatives and policies that support Active Transportation
  • producing a newsletter for sharing local trail information, events and projects
  • maintaining a Facebook page for more immediate notifications
    and more!
  • Check out our resume to see what we’ve been up to. Meet our members in our video promoting pathways for people!

We will continue to be a voice advocating for public spaces and policies that support people making healthy choices. We hope to build more public support and demand infrastructure changes [connected sidewalks, paved shoulders, trail connectivity] to make our communities more accessible and safer for users of all ages and abilities. Improvements to the built environment that support walking and cycling help to make the healthy choice the easy choice. See you on the trails!

We encourage members of the public to bring forward areas of concern. Contact us!