Share the Road in Norfolk County

Same Roads – Same Rules – Same Rights

Shared use lanes, or SHARROWS, show drivers and cyclists the correct line of travel for cyclists. This video from the City of Edmonton explains how to use sharrows.

Share the Road is a public safety campaign to increase motorists’ and bicyclists’ awareness of shared responsibility for road safety. The main features of this campaign are caution signs along County roads. These signs are to act as a reminder for drivers to be aware of other road users – bicyclists and walkers- and to use caution when approaching them.

Bicycles are vehicles under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and have a right to be on the road. As of September 1, 2015, drivers must give 1-metre of space when passing someone on a bicycle.Excerpt from Highway Traffic Act:(6.1) Every person in charge of a motor vehicle on a highway who is overtaking a person travelling on a bicycle shall, as nearly as may be practicable, leave a distance of not less than one metre between the bicycle and the motor vehicle and shall maintain that distance until safely past the bicycle. 2015, c. 14, s. 42.Same(6.2) The one metre distance required by subsection (6.1) refers to the distance between the extreme right side of the motor vehicle and the extreme left side of the bicycle, including all projections and attachments. 2015, c. 14, s. 42.

Motorists, bicyclists and walkers all have to follow the rules of the road.

Only pass when the road ahead is clearObey ALL traffic laws, signs and signalsWalk facing traffic or use sidewalks where available
Slow down and give one metre clearance when passingAlways bike on the right with traffic Wear bright clothing and reflectors
Yield to bicyclists when turningSignal all turnsMake eye contact with drivers
Don’t honk your horn at a bicyclistBe visible: wear bright colours and use lights in low light conditionsLook all ways before crossing
Check for bicyclists before opening your car doorRide straight in a predictable manner

Share the Road initiatives are happening across Ontario, Canada and the United States. In an attempt to meet our mission, promoting pathways for walking and cycling in Norfolk County for health, recreation and active transportation, Norfolk Pathways for People led the charge to bring Share the Road to the County. To make the case to Council, letters of support were gathered from different stakeholder groups, including Runners Den Port Dover, North Shore Runners Club and the Silver Spokes Cycling Club. Pathways for People is proud of Norfolk County for embracing this campaign to move us towards greater road safety for all users.

The Public Works Department has created signs, and with direction from the Silver Spokes Cycling Club, has installed them on a number of roads across Norfolk County. See map for sign locations

Map of signs (  pdf )

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In Ontario, the Share the Road Cycling Coalition has a mission to make Ontario bicycle friendly for everyone by:

  • Enhancing access for bicyclists on roads and trails.
  • Improving safety for all bicyclists.
  • Educating citizens on the value and importance of safe bicycling for healthy lifestyles and communities.

For more information on the Share the Road Cycling Coalition, visit