Newsletter November 2015

Trail Talk

Ride to Long Point Creates Awareness for Active Transportation Safety

On Saturday, August 29th 2015, Pathways for People hosted a bicycle ride from Port Rowan to Long Point to raise awareness of the need for paved shoulders on Erie Blvd. Erie Blvd is the main road in Long Point and it is scheduled for resurfacing in 2016. 
The weather was perfect as approximately 100 people gathered at the Sitco Farm Market just outside of Port Rowan. Mayor Luke and Councillors Black, Brunton and Oliver joined riders from Silver Spokes, Turkey Point Mountain Bike and Northshore Cycling Clubs along with local riders from Long Point, Port Rowan and St Williams.

Mayor Luke spoke to the group about Council’s commitment to improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists on roads that are identified as strategically important. 

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic through Long Point.  In fact, every July and August more than 1.1 MILLION vehicles travel Erie Blvd, many of which are large, wide campers as well as trucks pulling boat trailers.

With such a narrow road and increasing traffic, it is critical to consider paving the existing gravel shoulders on Erie Blvd. Paved shoulders will make it easier, less stressful and safer for motorists to pass. This also applies to emergency vehicles.

Pathways for People would like to thank local businesses Sitco Group, Ontario’s South Coast Bicycles and Tours and Stubb’s Convenience Store and Snack Bar for their generous support for the ride.

Comments are welcome at [email protected] . And if you haven’t already, sign the electronic petition to support paved shoulders.

Submitted by Dave Cameron

Hot off the presses – Advocacy Toolkit!

Pathways for People members took a leadership role in the development of this toolkit, which was made possible through funding from the Healthy Communities Partnership Haldimand Norfolk. Thank you to Frank Woodcock, Pathways for People volunteer, for making a deputation to the Board of Health, to promote the toolkit.

Trail Day in Norfolk

Over 60 people attended the Trail Day walk on the Norfolk Sunrise Trail. Thanks to Downtown Simcoe BIA for prize donations and Blossoms and Scoops for donating a fruit bouquet. Winner Heather Allan shared it with all the walkers.

Norfolk Pathways for People is going to Toronto!

On October 29, Michele Crowley will be participating in a panel discussion as part of the Ontario Public Health Association’s annual fall forum. The forum’s theme this year, A Strong Voice, focuses on advocacy and leading social change around public health issues.

Norfolk Pathways for People is a unique example of a community coalition working with public health to make our community safer for people to walk, bike and wheel. We look forward to sharing our story with people from across the province.

Active Transportation Master Plan

The MMM Group is making lots of headway with Norfolk County’s Active Transportation Master Plan. The aim is to have the plan completed by the end of 2015 and then present it to Council in early 2016. Pathways for People has provided strategic recommendations to the Active Transportation Master Plan. To learn more, visit:

Waterford Heritage Trail

In September, at the OAMREA (Ontario Association of Municipal Real Estate Administrators) 2015 Fall Meeting, the delegates were introduced to the Waterford Heritage Trail. Starting with a sunset from the Black Bridge, the Administrators learned about the extensive railroad history of Waterford, the origins of the WHT, and of course, the Black Bridge. Their interest in the Black Bridge led to an invitation to attend the Centennial of the Black Bridge scheduled for August 12th & 13th, 2016. Should they decide to join us, Jan Rainey and her committee will have quite a gala party in store.  

Depending on funding (Don’t we get sick of hearing this?) there could be an illuminating of the Black Bridge, candlelight dining on the Black Bridge, buskers busking, boarders boarding, concerting by famed locals, a Legion supping, heritage touring and of course, fireworks blazing. It is fast becoming a homecoming weekend organized by neighbours featuring neighbours. So get out the 2016 calendar and a highlighter and circle August 12th and 13th with the notation to invite your sisters and brothers and aunts and uncles and cousins and friends. See you there.

Submitted by Frank Woodcock

Turkey Point Mountain Bike Club

Working with a large membership such as TPMBC’s, you meet a lot of great volunteers with diverse personalities and ideas. As leader, you also meet with naysayers, malcontents and individuals who are a little harder to deal with. The great thing about walking and cycling is that the positives always outweigh the negatives. Here are three feel good bike stories experienced this fall:

#1 – 5th Annual Fall Ripper – The fun ride event was held on September 27th at Long Point Eco-Adventures. We had 130 riders from London, St. Catherines and Hamilton areas, plus local enthusiasts who guided our guests through the trail network.Paul Meiklejohn, club member and owner of Elevation Mountain Bike Camps and Coaching, held a beginners’ ride where he taught youngsters and newcomers basic mountain bike skills. After some practice, they hit the trails for the real thing. The program was well received and next year we plan to build on it.Special guest of the day was Tommy, a retired State Trooper from Salamanca NY and cottage owner in Turkey Point. His children gave him a new mountain for his 80th birthday. That’s right, his EIGTHIETH birthday. He was excited to try it out at our event. He rode with the intermediate group and our guides said he rode our trails with an ear to ear grin! See you on the trails, Tommy. 

#2 – Norfolk Hospitality: TPMBC style – In early September, TPMBC held a final group ride and send off for member, Mike Grummett, who is relocating to the BC coast. Post ride we held a BBQ at Long Point Eco-Adventures where we met three young men from the UK who were riding across the continent from Seattle to New York City. Oliver, Matt and Andy are members of the British Army on leave. They were given permission to camp at the eco-centre and we adopted them for the evening. We filled them full of sausages, hamburgers and salads in return for bike stories of their cycling adventures.The following day they were headed for Niagara Falls and the Erie Canal. Member Mike McArthur called ahead and secured a place for them to stay. They ended up spending two days in the Niagara area before crossing the border. The people you meet while riding the wheel!

#3 – Decision Makers on the BikeThe Long Point ride in August was a huge success. Kudos to P4P member, Dave Cameron, for organizing such a great grass roots experience that attracted 100 cyclists. The purpose was to show the mayor and councillors the need for cycling lanes on Erie Blvd. and the Long Point causeway, as both are heavily travelled routes. It is one thing to hear of a problem while sitting in Council chambers hearing a deputation; quite another to experience the concerns first hand and on-site. Bravo to Mayor Luke and Council for being good sports and participating. 

Submitted by Rob Luke, President

The Lynn Valley Trail Association Fall Update:

If you haven’t been on the trail recently, get out there. The grass has been cut (thanks Norfolk County), the trail surface is excellent and the fall flowers are out in bloom.

Lynn Valley Trail Association is pleased to announce the winners of our County Fair contest! We have sponsored this contest for many years to encourage young people and families to get out and use the trail.

Class 1 Winner

Class 1 – Ages 5 to 8 – Poster showing family exercise on LVT.

1st – Jacob Oakes – Lynndale Heights School

2nd – Mason Courtney

3rd – Logan Snyder – Lynndale Heights School

Class 2 Winner

Class 2- Ages 9 to 12 – Collection of photos showing the seasons on LVT.

1st – Nicole Murray

2nd – Savannah Schurr

3rd – Madeline Bruining

Class 3 Winner

Class 3 – Ages 13 to 17 – Photograph of nature taken on LVT.

1st – Madison Luff – Holy Trinity High School

2nd – Lora Blake – Holy Trinity High School

3rd – Alyssa Massccour – Holy Trinity School

Historical Information Signs

Recently seven information signs were installed along the trail. We have attempted to provide some insight into Norfolk’s railways, important past events and to describe some items of historical significance. Check it out at

See you on the trail!

Submitted by Paul Beischlag, President LVTA